Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the site more like Zillow?
We cater primarily to Real Estate Investors. Because we seek out sources for Investor type deals, the research is different than a homeowner looking for a residence as a lot of this information is presented to us in Bulk. This should really excite most investors because when property is sold off of a bulk list there is more chance for an investor to find a GREAT DEAL. We provide access to Title Information, Valuation Reports, Comprehensive Rental Reports, Training videos and Calculators to help you make informed decisions. We feel with our focus on Wholesale Properties, Foreclosed Properties, Tax Sales, Mortgage/Deed of Trust Notes, a source to find Commercial/Multifamily deals and Properties presented on our Offer System from bulk buyers, we bring a well-rounded platform to our members. Our vision has begun, we invite you to Come Grow with us…

 Last updated Wed, Aug 3 2016 11:59am