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What is Investors MLS?

Do you ever feel stuck with your real estate deals, like there just has to be an easier way to put together the information, people, and cash you need? Well, that’s why we built a company that helps real estate investors stop wasting time and money on deals that don’t make sense and instead, gives them what they need, in one place, to build a better real estate investment deal.

At, we have put together what we consider to be the premiere site for Real Estate Investors on the web today. We listened to hundreds of new and seasoned investors to get answers for what they wanted in a website. Our goal became simple: “If you build it they will come”! We are committed to becoming the go-to site for whatever it is you may need to achieve your goals. 

We have calculators designed to help you through the decision making process for Rehabbing properties to fix and flip or to buy and hold for rental income. Using those calculators will help you arrive at the maximum allowable offer.

Use our calculators to check the Cap Rate and NOI when searching our national database of commercial listings for good deals.

Find thousands of pre-foreclosure and bank-owned properties on our foreclosure search page.

Make offers on hundreds of below-market properties using our Offer SystemTM 

Ever wonder what valuation tool banks used to decide the value of the thousands of properties they took back at foreclosure without spending a large fortune? We have that technology and are passing the savings along to you. Our AVM’s (AUTOMATED VALUATION MODELS) will help you decide if a property is worth pursuing. Learn more about confidence scoring and drill down into a neighborhood for details.

Stay informed! Check out our newsstand and be aware of current rates and up to the minute Industry news. Remember, you must be a Real Estate Insider, before you can be a successful Real Estate Investor!

List your wholesale deals, with NO Black Out spots in the country. Looking for a deal? Be the first one in your area to become aware of a new wholesale listing with our alert system.

We have training videos posted by a mentor that has trained hundreds of investors nationally in group and one-on-one settings. Want to do a business plan? We found a company that built one of the best templates in the business. Need an attorney to help you on a deal? We provide access on our site to some of the best in the business.

Search our national database for millions of property details, reports, records, plats, flood maps, legal and vesting reports, transaction history and more.

Using our tools, you can put together a marketing package that contains everything you will need to successfully represent the property you are trying to sell, including:

marketing flyers - valuation reports - property records – pro forma reports - listing and marketing reports – transaction history – plats - copies of documents and other reports and records.

 We are sure you will find a home with us. Our   commitment to you is to listen, continue to bring useful resources to the site and become a partner in your success!


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